Oasis of Vendicari


The oriented nature reserve Oasis of Vendicari is located in the province of Syracuse precisely between Noto and Marzamemi.

Particularly important for the presence of marshes that serve as a resting place in the migration of birds.

Expected to be a law of the Region of Sicily in May 1981, it was officially established in 1984, after the then Minister for Agriculture and Forestry Filippo Maria Pandolfi 1450 hectares of land declared “wetland of international importance“, according to the Convention of Ramsar 1971.

It was actually only made accessible in 1989. It is managed by the Regional State Forests.

The volcano Etna

Etna (Mungibeddu or ‘a Muntagna in Sicilian) is a Sicilian volcanic complex originated in the Quaternary and represents the active volcano terrestrial higher than the Eurasian plate. His frequent eruptions throughout history have changed, sometimes profoundly, the landscape, coming several times to threaten the people who over the millennia have settled around it.

On 21 June 2013, the XXXVII session of the UNESCO committee, meeting in Phnom Penh in Cambodia, he entered Mount Etna in the list of assets constituting the World Heritage.

Etna is an active volcano. Unlike the Stromboli that is in constant activity and Vesuvius that alternates periods of quiescence to periods of paroxysmal activity it always appears surmounted by a plume of smoke. A fairly close erupts periods beginning typically with a period of degassing and emission of volcanic sand which is followed by an emission of relatively fluid lava origin. Sometimes there are periods of Strombolian that attract crowds of visitors from all over the world because of their spectacular.