The Shrine of Virgin Mary of Tears

The Shrine of Virgin Mary of Tears has been erected in memory of the miraculous lacrimation of plaster effigy representing the Immaculate Heart of Mary, placed at the bedside of Iannuso spouses at their humble home on Via degli Orti in Syracuse, in 1953.

The miracle was repeated from 29 August to 1 September 1953 in the general commotion of an immense multitude of the faithful, in the house of Iannuso spouses. Collections tears were subjected to scientific analysis that would be tear fluid. The devotion that followed was of enormous proportions.

The small image of Our Virgin Mary of Tears was placed inside the Sanctuary. The work was designed in 1957 by French architects Michel and Pierre Parat Andrault following an international competition. Construction began in 1966, because of the extreme modernity of the project from the beginning there were a lot of controversy from the citizens and believes that he considered the work a “concrete monster” who was going to weigh further on a ‘ urban area already heavily compromised, these diatribes it very delayed the realization that ended only in 1994. After about 28 years, the sanctuary was inaugurated November 6, 1994 from Pope Giovanni Paolo II .

The sanctuary consists of the crypt and the upper temple, with a conical body formed by ribs in reinforced concrete that reach a total height of 74 m, surmounted by a steel crowning of 20 meters in height wearing a bronze statue Madonna gilded, the work of Francesco Caldarella, surrounded by a halo with circular elements and radially.